4 blocks from the border


Image of 4 blocks from the border

This is a zine from our comrade Mapache. 90% of funds will go to them and supporting their art, school, and future career. Here's some words from them:

"My name is Mapache, and I am a writer and filmmaker from...well, I’m not sure how to answer that still. I was born in Cuidad Juarez, and crossed into Texas when I was young, where I lived without status for several years in San Antonio. After living in the states and seeing the racism that is inherent to its existence and the rise of fascism in recent years, I began to examine where my life experiences and struggles fit into the political climate of the united states. The fear and danger of being undocumented, and the threats of violence from white supremacists in the white house and on the street turned into resistance as I became solidified in my anarchist politics and took part in many community defense and community building actions. In the summer of 2018 I fought alongside some of the best people I’ve ever met in an occupation in front of an ICE building in the NorthEast side of San Antonio. We fought for the freedom of movement across the continent and the ability for people to live in peace wherever they may stand on a map, regardless of skin color or background. It was during this occupation I was arrested and, after a short fight (40 days) in detention at Webb County Detention facility I was deported. So now I’m in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The poetry I sent was written in detention during my time in Laredo and is based on those observations of my life and the situation I and many other people are put into in order to defend a line in the desert sand. Now I write this cover letter from Monterrey, where I’m attempting to feel at home now in a place I never got to know.

(not that the states welcomed me with open arms, either)